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About Nagap

Mission and Values


We aim to provide the resources you need to achieve excellence

The vision of NAGAP is...

to be leaders on the forefront of Graduate Enrollment Management.

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NAGAP, The Association for Graduate Enrollment Management is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to the concerns of individuals working in the graduate enrollment management environment.

Membership in NAGAP provides an opportunity to network with professional colleagues at all sizes and types of institutions: large and small, public and private, secular and non-secular.

The annual conference, professional development institutes, membership directory, weekly NAGAP News, Perspectives newsmagazine, mentor program, and chapter affiliations all help facilitate communication among members.

The mission of NAGAP is to engage and advance Graduate Enrollment Management Professionals by promoting excellence and collaboration through education, research, and professional development.


We embody our core values


Advancement and Dissemination of Knowledge

We value innovation and inquiry as central to the development of knowledge. We believe education and research are vital to effective practice in the field of graduate enrollment management.


Diversity and Inclusion

We value equity, inclusion, and mutual respect. We recognize that our differences make us stronger, and we seek out inclusion of differences. We believe that a culture of respect among a diverse and engaged membership strengthens NAGAP and is foundational to our contributions to the profession.



We value partnerships and teamwork. We believe in the power of networks, and that collaboration among our members, with other professional associations, and with industry partners builds synergy and enhances our individual strengths.


Professional Development and Personal Growth

We value continuous personal and professional development. We believe that the expertise and judgment of graduate enrollment management professionals are critical contributions to the field of graduate education.

Summit 22 committee

NAGAP Diversity & Inclusion Statement

NAGAP is proactive in its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in its membership, the profession and in all its activities. This commitment embraces the differences of its members including but not limited to age, culture, disability, ability, education, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, life experiences, immigration status, race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. As organizational diversity is important as well, NAGAP strives to have members from various institutional types, including but not limited to geographic location, size, type, program, and affiliation. NAGAP champions an open exchange of ideas in a collegial environment that embraces academic freedom, cooperation, mutual respect, and responsibility. NAGAP supports activities that promote and nurture professional development, best practices, research, and collaboration of a diverse and global community of graduate enrollment management professionals, encouraging dialogue that fosters professional growth among all its constituents, in the US and internationally.
Celebrating 30 Years

Strategic Plan & Direction

The leadership of NAGAP continues to review and sharpen it’s strategic plan for the well-being of the organization. This webpage has been designed to help you be better informed about the changes and projects going forward. We encourage you to share your thoughts and any suggestions on these new initiatives.

The 2020-2022 strategic plan is based on the 2020 Membership Needs Assessment results.

Our Key Focus Areas

Recognized Leadership

Promote a Culture of GEM Scholarship

Recruitment and Retention of members

Diversity and Inclusion

Education and Professional Development


Fiscal Management

Recognized Leadership

We will be recognized as the leaders in GEM by our members, institutions, partners, and the media.

Promote a Culture of GEM Scholarship

We will lead the generation, curation, and dissemination of GEM knowledge that is globally relevant, promotes thought leadership, and increases member engagement. 


Recruitment and Retention of Members

We will meet the ever-changing professional needs of our membership.

Diversity and Inclusion

We will have a comprehensive focus on diversity and inclusion across all core aspects of the association, including membership, leadership, and education.

Education and Professional Development

We will provide a professional development curriculum with a strong foundation in all areas of the GEM lifecycle for members at all experience levels across all NAGAP's educational offerings.


We will complement our members' opportunities for professional growth and development by supporting regional and special-interest Chapters that increase access to NAGAP for GEM professionals.

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Fiscal Management

NAGAP will make fiscally responsible decisions and seek new and balanced revenue sources to ensure sustainability and strategic growth.


Executive Office

The Executive Office staff is available to answer any questions you have regarding NAGAP, its committees, projects, mission and vision or upcoming conferences.

Executive Director

Haley Brust

Sr. Meeting Manager

Tara Ballard

Meeting Planner

Jennifer Ramsey

Website and Membership Manager

Denise Smith

Office Administrator

Megan Rupert

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Phone: 856-284-3219



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