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The NAGAP Graduate Education Research Grant

NAGAP, The Association for Graduate Enrollment Management, offers ‎the Graduate Education Research Grant to encourage and support exploration of ‎topics specific to graduate education and the field of graduate enrollment ‎management (GEM). Topic areas include (but are not limited to) alumni outreach, ‎student retention, campus support services, underrepresented student ‎experiences, diversity and inclusion, faculty advising, technology, leadership, ‎financial aid, internationalization, holistic admissions, recruitment, etc.‎

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Applications are now being accepted for 2023-24.
The deadline is January 11, 2023. ‎


How to Apply


CV / Resume


Student Applicants

Grant Proposal, Budget & Timeline

  • Title of proposed research project
  • An abstract of the proposed research project (maximum of 100 words)
  • A statement on your background and interest in the research topic
  • The proposed research, including a description of how your topic will enrich knowledge in the field of Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM), and a description of your research methodology
  • A budget estimating how the research funds would be used
    • Include a statement on any funding you have already secured for the research, and/or on how your research will be funded if this grant is not received
  • A proposed timeline with completion date of no later than March 15, 2024
    • Indicate which components (if any) are complete and the estimated date of completion for all other research plan components.
  • Appendix (not part of the four-page limit) to include key references and any charts or images referenced in the proposal

Please include your updated resume

Letter of Recommendation

  • For student applicants, your letter should be from your advisor
  • For non-student applicants, your letter may come from a previous advisor or other colleague familiar with your work
  • Letter(s) should be included by the applicant as part of the PDF upload

Unofficial Transcript

Include your unofficial transcript or grade report on graduate coursework


The Awards


  • $2,500 issued directly to the individual researcher
  • Recognition at NAGAP's 2023 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit in New York City
  • Complimentary GEM Summit registration, $500 toward travel, and two nights stay at the conference hotel to present at NAGAP’s 2024 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit 
  • Publication of a research summary article in an upcoming issue of NAGAP’s Perspectives newsmagazine
  • Complimentary NAGAP membership for one year


2022-23 Grant Winners

Graduate Research Grant Winners


Matthew Bahnson

Matthew Bahnson-1

Pennsylvania State University (Professional)

Measurement of Professional Identity and Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Degree Completion Intention: Opportunities for Student Retention


Leah Fulton

Leah Fulton-1

University of Minnesota (Graduate Student)

The Childcare Needs and Experiences of Black Graduate Student Mothers


Lauren Munoz

Lauren Munoz

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Graduate Student) 

Two Terminal Degrees: The Experience of Nurses with a Practice Doctorate Who Seek a PhD


Melissa Yeung


Bowling Green State University (Professional) 

Black, Indigenous, People of Color: Student Experiences in an Entry-Level Physical Therapy Education Program

Previous Winners

A list of previous recipients and their research topics from years past can be found here.

Applications are now being accepted for 2023-24.
The deadline is January 11, 2023. ‎


  • Applicant must be:
    • Currently enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program (any degree level),
    • Applicant must have completed a doctoral degree and be currently working in a position related to the advancement, teaching, or management of graduate education.
  • The proposed research project must be completed by March 15, 2024, and must be the original work of the investigator.
  • Group applications are not accepted.
  • Prior recipients of this award and current members of NAGAP’s Governing Board, chairs of standing committees, and members of the Research Committee are not eligible.
Applications are now being accepted for 2023-24.
The deadline is January 11, 2023. ‎

Selection Criteria & Process

  • Quality of the proposed project, including a strong research design that is the original work of the investigator
  • Uniqueness of the proposed research and the potential contribution to the knowledge base of graduate education and graduate enrollment management
  • The potential for the research to become an engaging NAGAP conference presentation
  • Strength of the budget statement
  • Strength of the proposed timeline
  • Applicant’s demonstrated record and knowledge of relevant research topics
  • Strength of the letter(s) of recommendation

Research Grant recipients will be selected prior to the 2023 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit (GEM) in April, where winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.  All applicants will be notified of the results in late January 2023.  Research grant award funds will be disbursed after July 1, 2023.


Research Grant recipients are expected to present their research projects at NAGAP's 2024 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit

All applicants are expected to conduct their research in an ethical and responsible manner following the research protocols of their academic institution.

NAGAP reserves the right to announce recipients on its website, and to publish the summary of research findings in digital and print publications made available to NAGAP members.


Review Policy

Grant reviewers decline to rank any application that presents a potential conflict of interest, such as applicants from the reviewer’s institution or applicants known to the reviewer.  In those cases, only reviewers with no relationship to the individual or institution review the grant.


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