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A Comprehensive Guide to Graduate Enrollment Management

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A Comprehensive Guide to Graduate Enrollment Management
Advancing Research and Practice

This book elucidates the intricacies and obscurities of graduate enrollment management, allowing scholars and professionals to advance research and practice in the field.

Masterfully drawing upon scholarly and applied literatures pertaining to graduate admissions, marketing, strategic planning, and more, chapters present original empirical research and practical case studies that offer readers plentiful strategies, models, and frameworks for approaching graduate enrollment management at their own institutions.

This guidebook positions higher education leaders, scholars, and graduate enrollment professionals to effectively address challenges that inhibit the work of increasing equity in graduate education and improving graduate student outcomes.



In comparison to undergraduate enrollment management, graduate enrollment management (GEM) is ‘intricate and obscure.’ This book aptly navigates these intricacies and makes GEM less obscure through a very thorough coverage of topical areas pertinent to GEM, such as marketing and admissions; management planning and operations; financial aid; student success; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This volume stands as a valuable and much-needed resource for those individuals responsible for graduate education and GEM at their college or university.”

John M. Braxton, Professor Emeritus of the Higher Education Leadership and Policy Program at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, USA

While enrollment management in graduate and professional programs (GEM) is in many ways no different than the parallel professional practice in undergraduate programs, appreciating and embracing the differences is the key to successful GEM. Therein lies the value of this book. The various authors provide an introduction and orientation to many distinctive elements of GEM, from admissions and aid through student service and success, an orientation that is valuable for both new and veteran professionals alike. They offer scholar-practitioners a blend of issue analysis, literature review, conceptual frameworks, and practical examples for addressing various GEM goals and challenges. This volume advances the ongoing evolution of professional practice in GEM, and anyone with direct or indirect responsibility for achieving enrollment goals in graduate and professional programs will find this book a valuable resource.”

David H. Kalsbeek, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management Emeritus at DePaul University, USA