NAGAP Committees

For information on how to join a NAGAP committee:

2019 Conference Committee

The Conference Committee acts to bring members and all interested individuals together for an annual conference, during which new ideas and innovations in the practice and process of graduate enrollment management are exchanged. Emphasis is also placed on the role of professional development in the careers of graduate enrollment management personnel. Committee members are responsible for the planning and execution of the annual event.

Chair: Naronda C. Wright
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA
(912) 478-8626
narondawright at

Marketing Chair: Joshua Walehwa
Brown School at Washington University
St. Louis, MO
(314) 935-6694
jwalehwa at

Education Programming Chair: Mary Pascarella
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX
(936) 294-1971
marypascarella at

Chapters Committee

The Chapters Committee includes the presidents or leaders from each recognized chapter of NAGAP. The committee is convened by the designated chapter chair and meets several times each semester to discuss chapter initiatives including: professional development, webinar offerings and co-hosting of NAGAP receptions.

Chair: Colleen L. Gabauer
Managing Director Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
The Purdue Graduate School
West Lafayette, IN
(765) 494-9256
cgabauer at

A listing of all NAGAP Chapters is available on the Chapters page of this website.

Marketing & Communications Committee

Chair: Katherine Beczak
Assistant Director
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
(585) 475-6768
kmbges at

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for planning the broad education curriculum of NAGAP and for coordinating and supporting the educational activities of the Conference Committee, the Professional Development Committee and other areas of the Association.

Chair: Marcus Hanscom
Director of Graduate Admissions
Roger Williams University
Bristol, RI
(401) 254-3345
mhanscom at

External Relations Partnership Committee

Chair: James N. Crane
Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT
(801) 422-1586
james_crane at

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for disseminating information on all aspects of membership in NAGAP and for promoting the benefits of membership with individuals working in the field of graduate enrollment management.

Chair: Sara Pettingill
Dean of Graduate Admissions
Bellarmine University
Louisville, KY
(502) 272-8401
spettingill at

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for three NAGAP professional development events per year: Summer Institute focuses on the needs of beginning enrollment management professionals; Winter Institute is designed for enrollment management professionals with five or more years of experience; and Pre-Conference Institute is a one day event that highlights a specific topic or issue that is particularly relevant or urgent to all graduate enrollment managers.

Chair: Amanda Ostreko
Assistant Dean
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
(785) 864-2932
amandao at

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for publishing NAGAP’s Perspectives journal and newsletter, to provide NAGAP members with timely and professional information and an opportunity to share views regarding graduate enrollment management and related topics.

Within the Publications Committee, the Editorial Subcommittee is responsible for NAGAP's professional publications, including Perspectives and The GEM Research Advocate journals. The Communications Subcommittee is responsible for NAGAP's email newsletters, social media and other communications. The Media Relations Subcommittee is responsible for NAGAP's media and public relations and official association statements.

Chair: Raymond Lutzky
Senior Director of Enrollment and Admissions
Cornell Tech
New York City, NY
(646) 971-3771
ral359 at

Denise Bridwell
Program Coordinator, Bioengineering Graduate Program
The University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
(785) 864-5258
dbridwell at

Dave Fletcher
Director of Admissions, School of Podiatric Medicine
Barry University
Miami Shores, FL
(305) 899-3123
Dfletcher at

Marianne Gumpper
Director of Graduate Admission
Fairfield University
Fairfield, CT
(203) 254-4000, ext. 2908
mgumpper at

Kate McConnell
Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies
Malvern, PA
(610) 648-3295
ctm16 at

Kittie Pain
Director of Graduate Enrollment Management
McDaniel College
Westminster, MD
(410) 857-2512
kpain at

Caela Provost
North American Officer
University College Cork
Cork, Ireland (Home) Boston, MA (US Office)
(978) 895-5337
americanrep at

Troy Sterk
Senior Admissions Counselor
Seattle University, Office of Graduate Admission
Seattle, WA
(206) 296-5998
sterkt at

Research Committee

The Research Committee designs and implements research projects in a continuing effort to provide relevant comparative data on both professionally related activities and national issues that affect graduate school policies and requirements. The results of completed surveys are published and shared with NAGAP members and the broader graduate education community.

Paula Baker, Chair
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 625-1303
baker496 at

Leadership Cultivation & Elections Committee

For the 2018-2020 term of the NAGAP Governing Board, the Elections committee(i) will be called the Leadership Cultivation & Elections Committee and will be chaired by NAGAP Past President, Julie Deland. The charge of this committee is three-fold:

  1. To run the nomination and election process,
  2. To focus on identifying new talent and cultivate future leadership for the association, (iii) and
  3. To embrace, value and champion the multi-faceted aspects of diversity as a core aspect of leadership cultivation, particularly as it relates to the nomination and election process.(iv)

The Leadership Cultivation & Elections Committee is interested in assessing the composition of the current board (skills, demographics) in order to guide our planning and work to cultivate future leaders and create meaningful pathways to engagement for members.

Julia Deland, Chair
Director of Admissions
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, MA
(617) 495-3414
julie_deland at

Brett DiMarzo
Director of Graduate Admission
Simmons College
Boston, MA
(617) 521-2651
brett.dimarzo at

Jaclyn Farina
Assistant Dean of Admission
Brandeis University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Waltham, MA
(781) 736-3410
farina at

Marcus Hanscom
Director of Graduate Admissions
Roger Williams University
Bristol, RI
(401) 254-3345
mhanscom at

Jennifer Kulbeck
Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts
Saint Mary's College of California
Moraga, CA
(925) 631-8223
jak12 at

Sara Pettingill
Dean of Graduate Admission
Bellarmine University
Louisville, KY
(502) 272-8401
spettingill at

Tom Rock, Ed.D.
Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Teachers College, Columbia University
New York, NY
(212) 678-3083
tpr4 at

Kristen Sterba, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Research, Policy, and Accreditation
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock, AR
(501) 296-1275
kmsterba at

(i) NAGAP Bylaws, Article VI, Section A, Number 2 – The Elections committee shall solicit nominees for NAGAP officer positions from the voting membership and present a slate of candidates for election to the Governing Board.

(ii) The Past President office is vacant; James Crane will not be running for office and therefore serving as chair of this committee presents no conflict of interest.

(iii) NAGAP Strategic Plan, Key Focus Area 1: Governance and Leadership – We will improve governance and promote leadership through a regular review of bylaws. We will extend the board governance tools or processes to all subgroups and Chapters. We will identify new talent and cultivate it for future leaders.

(iv) NAGAP Strategic Plan, Key Focus Area 4: Diversity and Inclusiveness – We will have a comprehensive focus on inclusiveness and diversity across all core aspects of the association, including membership, leadership, and education. We will embrace, value, and champion the multi-faceted aspects of diversity, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, veterans, geographic (national and international) location, institution type, and academic field.