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NAGAP Committees


2022-24 NAGAP Committees

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2024 Conference Committee

The Conference Committee acts to bring members and all interested individuals together for an annual conference, during which new ideas and innovations in the practice and process of graduate enrollment management are exchanged. Emphasis is also placed on the role of professional development in the careers of graduate enrollment management personnel. Committee members are responsible for the planning and execution of the annual event.

Brian Desrosiers-Tam (Chair) – University of Toronto – Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Mary Pascarella – Sam Houston State University – Associate Director of Admissions

Naronda Wright – Georgia Southern University – Associate Dean, Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies

Megan Murray – Georgia Southern University – Graduate Recruitment Coordinator, College of Graduate Studies

Visit the annual conference page

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee works toward ensuring diversity and inclusion is embraced throughout the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, membership, leadership, education, publications, and research.

Naronda Wright (Chair)– Georgia Southern University – Associate Dean, Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies Admissions Operations

Julie Collins – Northwestern University – Assistant Dean, Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid

Melissa Delaney-Khan – University of California-San Francisco – Student Services and Operations Director

Kim McCabe – Stanford University – Assistant Director of Admissions and Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Education

Annie Nevells – Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics – Associate Director for Graduate Admissions and Student Experience

Teresa Renn– LeMoyne College – Director of Graduate Admissions 

Eric Ureigas– University of Texas-San Antonio – Student Development Specialist

External Relations and Partnerships Committee

To deliver on our mission and enhance available resources (e.g., financial, brand development, research, products or services), the ERPC engages with organizations and companies to collaborate on altruistic activities associated with improving the intellectual, professional and personal development of NAGAP members.

Keith Ramsdell (Chair)– Ashland University – Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing

Kristen Sterba– University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences – Associate Provost for Students and Administration

Julie Deland– Harvard University – Director of Administration, Department of Health Policy and Management

Francesca Reed– Neumann University– Vice President Enrollment Management and Marketing

James Crane– Brigham Young University– Assistant Dean, Graduate School

Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating both internal and external communications for the Association. The Committee manages NAGAP’s digital marketing, website, and social media strategies to help promote membership value, upcoming events, and other NAGAP initiatives. Additionally, the Marketing Committee manages the NAGAP Experts Bureau and Media Relations contacts.

Michael Merriam (Chair)– Framingham State University – Assistant Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education Recruitment

Patrick Donohue – Salus University

Kittie Pain – Kutztown University

Christopher Cuccia – Seton Hall University

Lauren McGowan – University at Buffalo

Patricia Flaherty – Carnegie Dartlet

Philip Guerrero - University of Texas

Lesley Mackey - Fort Hays State University

Meghan Murray - Georgia Southern University


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for three NAGAP professional development institutes (PDIs) per year:

  1. The Summer Institute for Early Career and Advanced GEM Professionals offers two tracks - one focusing on core competencies and the other on advance strategies.
  2. The Pre-Summit Institute is a one-day event that highlights a specific topic or issue that is particularly relevant or urgent to all graduate enrollment managers.
  3. The virtual Fall Institute showcases the latest trends and best practices in the GEM field from established GEM vendors and partners.

Anthony Perez (Chair)– Medical College of Wisconsin –  Director of Student Recruitment and Enrollment Marketing

Christy Mayo– Van Andel Institute Graduate School – Director of Enrollment and Records

Patricia Flaherty– Carnegie Dartlet– Partnership Manager

Lauren McGowan– University at Buffalo – Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Joshua Walehwa– Washington University in St. Louis– Executive Management Fellow

Learn more about professional development institutes

Research Committee

The Research Committee designs and implements research projects in a continuing effort to provide relevant comparative data on both professionally related activities and national issues that affect graduate school policies, processes, and requirements. The committee facilitates member-driven and industry-driven projects, and study results are published and shared with NAGAP members and the broader graduate education community. The committee also supports the understanding of research by promoting member research through the funding of grants, sharing of members’ research, and fostering discussions around various research related to graduate enrollment management.  

Amanda Ostreko (Chair)– University of Kansas – Assistant Vice Provost, Director of Graduate Enrollment Management

Ariana Balayan – Director of Enrollment and Marketing, Tufts University School of Medicine Graduate Programs

Stan Kania – Assistant Dean of Admissions, Drexel University College of Medicine

Joseph Paris – Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Delaware Valley University

Les Mackey, Recruiter, The Graduate School and Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects, Fort Hays State University

Amanda Tessler, International Partnerships and Project Coordinator, International Center, Rowan University

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Chapters Committee

The Chapters Committee includes selected presidents or leaders from recognized chapters of NAGAP. The committee is convened by the committee chair and meets monthly in addition to providing monthly Chapter President’s meetings. The Chapters Committee works to provide chapter mentorship, support chapter initiatives while keeping chapters up to date on NAGAP initiatives and activities, and hopefully encourage future NAGAP leadership participation and engagement from Chapter Leaders and Members. 

Katie-Ann Mason (Chair) – Bridgewater State University– Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, College of Graduate Studies

Philip Guerrero – University of Texas at Austin–Graduate Coordinator in Geological Sciences

Bill Heffelfinger – Old Dominion University – Director of Graduate Admissions 

Leslie Lichter – Johns Hopkins University – Program Coordinator in the Cellular and Molecular Medicine Program

Bettsy McKlaine – Neumann University – Director of Admissions, Degree Completion and Graduate Programs


View the list of chapters

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for planning the broad education curriculum of NAGAP and for coordinating and supporting the educational activities of the Conference Committee, the Professional Development Committee and other areas of the Association.

Francesca Reed (Chair) – Neumann University– VP Enrollment Management and Marketing

Tracy Collum – Idaho State University–Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Kate McConnell – eCity Interactive – Higher Education Strategist

Alisha Hanshaw– University of Nebraska – Assistant Dean, Graduate Enrollment

James Crane – Brigham Young University – Assistant Dean, Graduate School

Marcus Hanscom – DD Agency – Director of Enrollment Marketing

Tanith Corsi Fowler – Hood College – Director of Graduate Admissions

Holly Shriner – University of Kansas – Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions

Dave Fletcher – Barry University – Director of Admissions, School of Podiatric Medicine

Helen Valine – University of San Francisco – Campus Director


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Leadership Cultivation and Elections Committee

The charge of this committee is three-fold:

  1. To run the nominations and elections processes
  2. To focus on identifying new talent and cultivating future leadership for the Association
  3. To embrace, value, and champion the multi-faceted aspects of diversity as a core aspect of leadership cultivation, particularly as it relates to the nominations and elections processes

The Leadership Cultivation & Elections Committee is interested in assessing the composition of the current board (skills, demographics) in order to guide our planning and work to cultivate future leaders and create meaningful pathways to engagement for members.

Jeremiah Nelson (Chair)– Catawba College – Assistant Professor of Management and MBA Director

Teisha Johnson– Illinois College of Optometry – Senior Director of Admissions 

Marcus Hanscom– DD Agency – Director of Enrollment Marketing

Jen Kulbeck– St. Mary's College of California – Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Programs & Planning

Keith Ramsdell– Ashland University – Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing

Brett DiMarzo– Boston College – Director, Graduate Enrollment Digital Strategy

Jaclyn Farina– Brandeis University – Assistant Dean of Admissions, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Stephanie Austin-Campbell– Piedmont University – Associate Director of Graduate Admissions


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for disseminating information on all aspects of membership in NAGAP and for promoting the benefits of membership with individuals working in the field of graduate enrollment management.

Ryan Taughrin (Chair)– University at Buffalo – Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management, Graduate School of Education

Bill Heffelfinger – Old Dominion University

Ana Casado – Ohio State University

Danielle Clough – Springfield College

Patricia Flaherty – Carnegie Dartlet

Jennifer Jones – Virginia Tech University

Annie Nevells – University of New Hampshire

Teresa Renn – LaMoyne University

Amanda Selby – AT Still University

Tricia Pothour – University of Iowa


Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for publishing NAGAP’s Perspectives journal and newsletter, to provide NAGAP members with timely and professional information and an opportunity to share views regarding graduate enrollment management and related topics.

Within the Publications Committee, the Editorial Subcommittee is responsible for NAGAP's professional publications, including Perspectives and The GEM Research Advocate journals. The Communications Subcommittee is responsible for NAGAP's email newsletters, social media and other communications. The Media Relations Subcommittee is responsible for NAGAP's media and public relations and official association statements.

Melissa Sersland (Chair)– Northwestern University – Associate Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid

Dave Fletcher – Barry University – Director of Admissions, School of Podiatric Medicine

Caitlin Getchell – University of Tulsa – Graduate School Academic Advisor

Kate McConnell – eCity Interactive – Higher Education Strategist

Amanda Miller – Brandeis University – Director of Marketing and Recruitment

Katie Olivo – Shenandoah University – Associate Director for Graduate and International Admissions

Kittie Pain – Kutztown University– Director of Graduate Admissions

Tania Rachkoskie – Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University – Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Ethan Robles– Tufts University – Assistant Director of Admission

Nicole Sloan – University of Florida – Distance Education Coordinator

Tony Sterk– Seattle University – Senior Admissions Counselor

Awards Committee

Naronda Wright (Chair)- Augusta University

Megan Murray - Georgia Southern University
Melanie Steele -Ursuline College 
Jennifer Sayre -Bowling Green State University 
Latoya Walters - University of Pittsburgh


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