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The Exchange: Emerging Priorities and Concerns of Graduate Enrollment Professionals in a Post-Pandemic Environment

Start Date

February 6, 2024 at 2 pm EST



Have you thought about how AI may change the work we do in higher education? It certainly is a hot topic and emerging area of concern. In this dynamic panel discussion, we present new data from recent surveys of graduate enrollment professionals including many NAGAP members. Along with the use of artificial intelligence in enrollment practices, we examine other issues that are top-of-mind for GEM professionals. Learn what your colleagues report regarding their workplace environment, drivers of student enrollment, and the increasing challenges associated with aggressive enrollment goals. This panel of experts will share data-driven insights and recommendations to support your work and that of your teams.

The conversation will include Pam Kiecker Royall, PhD, Head of Research, Marketing and Enrollment Services at EAB; Keith Ramsdell, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing with Ashland University and Donald Resnick, Global Higher Education Consultant.

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