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The Exchange Live Leadership Edition: Lead Generation Strategies for Graduate Students

Start Date

July 23, 2024 at 2 pm EST



One of the biggest challenges schools have is building the top of the recruitment funnel and prospective student behavior is changing rapidly. The traditional “request more information” approach in your ads and on your website is not enough, particularly as people are less willing to fill out forms and connect with your recruitment staff early in their search journey.


Join us for the latest Leadership Edition of The Exchange Live to learn more about how you can navigate the best ways to build your recruitment pipeline. We’ll explore the various channels available to you (both paid and organic), innovative ways to stand out from your competitors, and how to tailor your message and audience to boost student conversion. The panel will include Carnegie; Oren Pinhas, President of ProspectCloud; Keith Ramsdell, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing at Ashland University; and Marcus Hanscom, Director of Enrollment Marketing at DD Agency.

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