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Past Award Recipients


Award Recipients

NAGAP is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to the concerns of individuals working in the graduate enrollment management environment, and congratulates the colleagues below for receiving one of our annual awards. Information regarding past Distinguished Service winners can be found here

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NAGAP award nominations will open in late 2022. Recognize your colleagues by nominating them for one of the awards featured on this page. 

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Visionary Award

Future Leader Award

Chapter Leader Award

Promotion of Excellence Award

Building Bridges Award

Visionary Award

The Visionary Award may be presented to an individual in the higher education community who has demonstrated a unique and innovative vision in the graduate enrollment profession, in the field of higher education, or, in NAGAP. The recipient is not required to be a member of NAGAP.  S/he will have demonstrated a potential for thinking outside of the box and for leading bold, cutting-edge and successful initiatives that have benefited the graduate enrollment management community.

2022- Nicole Lounsbery, Director of the Graduate School, South Dakota State University

2021- Tabitha Hardy, Interim-Assistant Vice Chancellor for Graduate education and Assistant ‎Dean for Student Development and ‎Academic Affairs within the University Graduate School and IUPUI ‎Graduate Office‎

2020 - Susan Bedil, Executive Director, International Education Research Foundation (IERF)

2019 - Mark Cunningham, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Carnegie Dartlet

2019 - Tony Fraga, CEO, Direct Development

2018 - Dr. Noreen Golfman, Memorial University

2017 - David Lang, University at Buffalo

2016 - Jacquelyn Brinkman, University of British Columbia

2014 - C. Holly Wilbanks, Baylor College of Medicine

2012 - Beryl E. Meiron, IELTS

2009 - Leonard Metheny, Hobson's

2008 - Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, University of Maryland


Future Leader Award

The Future Leader Award may be presented to an individual who is a future leader within NAGAP and the graduate enrollment management profession.  Leadership qualities can be exhibited through NAGAP committees as well as presentations at conferences. The future leader award is given to an emerging leader who has displayed leadership and enthusiasm to the profession and also to NAGAP. Nominees must be graduate admissions professionals, with a NAGAP membership of five years or less. Past recipients include:

2022 - Ana Casado, The Ohio State University

2021 - Andrew Crawford, Bentley University

2020 - Moises Orozco Villacaña, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

2019 - Caela Provost, University College Cork (Cork, Ireland)

2018 - Ryan Taughrin, University at Buffalo

2017 - Jillian Baer, Ohio State University

2016 - Pamela L. Gustafson, Long Island University Post

2015 - Greg Aulenback, Carleton University

2014 - Ariana Balayan, Sacred Heart University

2014 - Linda Horisk, Fordham University

2013 - Jens Locher, University of British Columbia

2012 - Marcus Hanscom, University of New Haven

2011 - Ashley Gray, Northern Kentucky University

2011 - Sean-Michael Green, Marist College

2010 - Joshua J. LaFave, Clarkson University

2009 - Christina Swift, Xavier University

2008 - Michelle Howell Smith, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

2007 - James Crane, Brigham Young University

2006 - Sarah Petrakos, Emerson College



Chapter Leader Award

The Chapter Leader Award was a new award in 2018. The Chapter leader award is presented to a current or past NAGAP chapter board member who has demonstrated a commitment to the success of their chapter community, connections between members, and strengthened chapter communications with the NAGAP leadership. The Chapter Leader Award recipient is known for exemplary service to the graduate education community.

2022 - Stephen Ostendorff -Molloy College

2021 - Leslie Lichter -Johns Hopkins University Cellular and Molecular Medicine Program‎

2020 - Ryan Taughrin - University at Buffalo

2019 - Brett DiMarzo - Simmons University

2018 - Matthew Cipriano - Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

2018 - Salvatore Calabro - Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Promotion of Excellence Award

The Promotion of Excellence Award may be presented to an institution in recognition of a new or existing methodology. Topics change each year based on current events in graduate enrollment management. The winning entry will most clearly demonstrate best practices for other graduate enrollment management professionals. Past recipients include:

2022 - Information Schools and Colleagues Collaborative Network; Information Schools and Colleagues Collaborative Network

2021 - Creative Writing Program at Saint Mary’s College of California; Sara Mumolo & Krista Posell

2020 - Accelerate to Industry (A2i) Program - Laura Demarse, NC State
2019 - NAGAP Research Committee for GEMCAT - Paula Baker, University of Minnesota; Terrence Grus, University of Missouri; Marlaina Kloepfer, Cabrini University; Lian Lynch, North Carolina State University; Dean Tsantir, University of Minnesota; Jennifer Web, Marymount University

2018 - Community of Scholars Program - University of Minnesota

2017 - The Stanford GSB Research Fellows Program - Stanford University

2016 - Expanding the efforts to deepen and broaden career preparation with three novel and interrelated projects - University of British Columbia

2015 - Excellence in GEM: Integrating Stakeholders in All Areas of the Student Life Cycle - Purdue University

2014 - Best Implementation of an Idea that Developed as a Result of Your Participation in a NAGAP Educational Offering - State University of New York at Buffalo

2013 - Advancement of Graduate Enrollment Management Through Strategic Interdepartmental Collaboration - Memorial University

2012 - Defining Value Beyond the Classroom: Unifying the Academic and Extracurricular Experience - Stetson University College of Law

2010 - Best Use of Social Media - Florida International University College of Business Administration and University of St. Thomas, Opus College of Business

2009 - Branding a Graduate School or Program - Florida International University College of Business Administration

2008 - Best Admitted Student Event – Marymount University

2007 - Promotion of a New Graduate Level Program As It Meets the Needs of an Existing Community/Market/Discipline - Teach Nebraska

2006 - Winning Strategies for Effective Web Design - Regent University School of Psychology and Counseling

2005 - Best Email Campaign - Purdue University

2004 - On-Campus Event - Concordia University

2003 - Printed Publications - Regent University, School of Communication & the Arts

2002 - Print Ads - University of Central Florida

2001 - Web Site Design for Graduate Program - School Illinois College of Optometry

2000 - Best Use of Technology -  Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

1999 - Best CD-Rom -  University of Virginia

1998 - Promotion of New Program -  Pepperdine University


Building Bridges Award

The Building Bridges Award may be presented to an individual who helped to build bridges of communication, dialog and exchange within the graduate enrollment management community and/or NAGAP. The award also recognizes an individual who champions the issues of access and equity in making graduate education available to all. Past recipients include:

2015 - Marybeth Gruenewald, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

2014 - Christopher Connor and Joshua LaFave, State University of New York

2013 - Shari Sekel, Goodman School of Business at Brock University

2012 - Jennifer Brown, Washington University, Division of Biomedical Sciences

2011 - Education USA

2010 - Lyndon D. Perkins,
Northern Illinois University

2009 - Keith T. Brooks, University of Maryland-Baltimore

2008 - Judy Baker, Nazareth College of Rochester

2007 - Amy Potthast, Action Without Borders/

2006 - Linda Nixon Hudson, Winston Salem State University


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