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Research Grant Winners

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The NAGAP Graduate Education Research Grant

The grant is designed to encourage emerging knowledge and understanding of the complexities of graduate enrollment management including all aspects of admissions and recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation in higher education.

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Congratulations to past research grant winners!

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Gold Awards

Dr. Matthew Bahnson (Penn State University): Measurement of Professional Identity and Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Degree Completion Intention: Opportunities for Student Retention

Leah Fulton (University of Minnesota): The Childcare Needs and Experiences of Black Graduate Student Mothers

Silver Awards

Lauren Muñoz (College of Nursing - University of Tennessee, Knoxville): Two Terminal Degrees: The Experience of Nurses with a Practice Doctorate Who Seek a PhD

Dr. Melissa Yeung (Bowling Green State University): Black, Indigenous, People of Color: Student Experiences in an Entry-Level Physical Therapy Education Program


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,
no grants were awarded in 2021-22.


Gold Awards

Janet Kim (University of Hawaii, Manoa): Understanding the Special Education Teacher Pipeline

Joseph Mirabelli (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Exploring Retention, Mental Health, and Mentorship: A Qualitative Study of Engineering Faculty Advisors’ Perceptions

Silver Awards

Kathryn Collins (Campbell University): The Impact of Mental Health First Aid Training on Faculty Perceptions, Competencies, and Helping Behaviors within a Health Sciences Graduate Student Populations

Dr. Joseph Paris (Temple University): Evaluating Potential: An Investigation of Holistic Graduate Admissions Practices


Stanley J. Kania III (Marywood University):  The Use of Social Media and E-marketing in Graduate Student Recruitment: An Investigation of Graduate Enrollment Practices

Gavin Sanders (Wayne State University):  Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Underrepresented Doctoral Students during the Dissertation Writing Process


Ah Ra Cho (University of North Texas) The Missing Piece: An Examination of the Types of Student Support Services Graduate Students Use on a College Campus


Full Awards

Virginia Byrne (University of Maryland, College Park): Studying How Formative Feedback Can Support Graduate Student Instructors: Using Feedback to Develop as a Reflective and Effective Teacher

Zid Mancenido (Harvard University): Recruiting a Better Teacher: Policies to Improve the Quality of Incoming Graduate Students in Teacher Education

Honorable Mentions

Rebecca Gavillet (University of Texas at Austin): Exploring MBA Curricular Innovation through the Eyes of Influential Stakeholders

Andrea Kunze (University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign): Understanding STEM Graduate Students' Racial Climate Perceptions: A Perspective-Taking Intervention


Simone Gbolo (University of Minnesota):  Developing Pipelines: Partnerships and Programing to Increase Diversity in Graduate Education

Catherine M. Johnson (Montana State University): Identity Salience and International Students: Graduate Student Socialization in STEM Fields


Curtis D. Byrd (Clark Atlanta University):  Innovative Strategies for Diversifying the Professoriate: Resources for Graduate Enrollmen Management Professionals

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