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Documenting Institutional Knowledge for Effective Service, Transparency, and Onboarding - S4 E9

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Preventing institutional knowledge from walking out the door in the "Great Resignation"

So much institutional knowledge lives in the minds of individual staff and faculty, creating a reliance on them from others for information. In addition to creating inefficiencies, this practice is problematic as institutional knowledge walked out the door as our colleagues departed throughout the "Great Resignation." 

In this conversation, we sit down with Will Fenton to explore the importance of documenting policies, practices, and procedures, and building a shared culture of data transparency and buy-in. With deeper collaboration and a shared resource of critical information, we can empower individuals to get the information they need quickly and efficiently, while also creating a strong foundation for new employee onboarding. 

Will Fenton is the Associate Director of the Fox School of Business at Temple University and previously worked in progressive graduate enrollment roles at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.

This episode of The NAGAP Report was hosted, produced, and edited by Marcus Hanscom.

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