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Dive in to International Student Recruitment with EducationUSA - S4 E12

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Exploring resources for international graduate recruitment with EducationUSA

The Institute for International Education released its most recent Open Doors report in November and the news was positive: the total number of international students in the U.S. grew by four percent in 2021-2022 over the prior year, bolstered by an 80% increase in newly enrolled international students. And on the graduate side, International student enrollment was up by 17 percent. 

As our institutions look to build more diverse campuses and address the forthcoming challenges from domestic demographic shifts in the United States, international students continue to be a critical part of American education.

But how do we effectively engage international students on a broad scale, particularly for small- and mid-size institutions? Or what if you or your staff are completely new to international student recruitment?

For this episode of The NAGAP Report, we’ve partnered with EducationUSA to help you understand the international student marketplace and the vast array of resources they provide to you both online and throughout the world. Join The NAGAP Report co-host Marcus Hanscom for this conversation with Adina Archer, Manager of Operations for Global Services at EducationUSA. 

This episode of The NAGAP Report was hosted, produced, and edited by Marcus Hanscom. 

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